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They say that the hardest part is to start anew. Apparently, I could attest to the statement. I’ve been starting things to go my way all my life. I’ve been with three companies already for the past two years of my professional life and it seemed like I always have trouble starting all over again. And it’s even harder when all the plans you made have only brought you disappointments and failures.

Or maybe I was just born loser. Loser in a way that just when I thought I almost have everything in the palm of my hands, I tend not to push harder and just let everything fall on their respective places no matter what it cost me. And so in the end, I will end up seeing myself barefaced, empty-handed, got nothing to show but the same loser that I am.

But there’s just one thing that I am sure of. I am not afraid of starting all over again. I am not afraid of changes. I am not hesitant of the new environment that might come along with that change. I could fall a thousand times but believe me I would never lose my fighting spirit, ever.

Yesterday, I went back  to GEMSPI, my previous employer. I had my clearance and exit interview finally done and I took all my stuff from my locker and surrendered my headset and keys to the Human Resource Personnel. “what a relief!” I said. After one year and six months, I am finally free.

I just hated the feeling of walking away from the building with all my things jam packed in my bag. I hated the feeling that I am no longer part of their daily lives and seeing them all busy taking in calls that I used to take, I felt regret. Not because I am no longer part of the company but because I know I will be missing them, big time!

And so, before I got my eyes into tears again, I literally waved goodbye to the old building as I walked away. I whispered, with teary eyes: “…thanks for the memories, ’til we meet again…”

And so, I need to start my life again. New peeps, new friends, new environment, new beginning, but most of all, a new me. That was one reason why I had my blogsite changed. I think it’d be cool to start things with a new color and atmosphere.

To those who followed me through my old site, you can always visit me there. But then again, here’ is my new home and I welcome you…


Dillard's Batch1 Team Maui

Dillard's Batch1 Team Maui

Dillard's Batch2 Team Cj

Dillard's Batch1 Team Cj


2009/06/23 - Posted by | Sari-saring Katangahan.

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  1. Ang sarap gumising sa

    umaga na may katabing

    Mainit na Kape. : )

    Magandang Umaga!!

    Comment by jasonizers | 2009/06/28 | Reply

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