one stupidity at a time won't hurt, will it?





I lit a cigarette.

a single puff would remind me of you.

how you looked

the last time I saw you staring at me,

and you saw me staring at you, too.

there was this…

I don’t know…





I never got the chance to talk to you…

and if by any chance you wanna talk to me too,

I know you know where to find me,

I wanna know your name…


I always wanna go to the lung center.

to destroy my lungs with every single puff

of that cancer stick…

and to see you walk past me.

the feeling is so incredible that I don’t wanna leave that hell…

as you puff your cancer stick too.


your necklace, ohh your necklace…

and that set of earphones…

they make me long for you.

I see them first before you,

and I knew it was you walking near me,

beside me…


and then you’re gone.

and I have to go…

wondering if I will ever see you again.


I am hopeful that you and I can smoke together

and destroy our lungs at the lung center.


At least I’m with you…


the hell with lung cancer!


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