one stupidity at a time won't hurt, will it?


I guess this is the part where I have to say, “I told myself so”. I know for sure that this is gonna happen real soon. Soon enough that I did not even get the chance to get an umbrella to protect myself from these stupid rains falling down from my eyes.


It’s so ironic how this thing happened to me too many times before and yet again, I didn’t even bother to pick up those lessons I told myself I’m gonna live by in the future; future that is supposed to be now. It’s so sad.


If “letting go” or perhaps “loneliness”, is not the worst feeling in the world, I would say, it is rejection. The logic is simple, you know? You like someone and that someone can’t like you back at the same level that you want that someone to like you back. Period.


And what makes it worst? You can’t move on that fast from the rejection. And each time you try, it gets harder. I don’t know if it has something to do with your pride that’s been stepped on or what… or maybe it has something to do with the fact that the only way you know you can recover is to not lose your hope and keep the faith burning that one of these days, that someone’s gonna change his/her mind.


No matter how pathetic you become, you just don’t care. You just don’t wanna let it go. You just don’t wanna let it die, for some ungodly reason.


I can’t find words to end this note. I think I’m just leaving it at this. Hoping this time, I’ve learned my lessons and I’m never gonna say “I told myself so” next time around.


It’s been a crappy end of the quarter. 😐


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