one stupidity at a time won't hurt, will it?


While harking back into my old stuff, I saw my well-kept things that were given to me by my high school and college friends and some love letters I wrote [and was never delivered] and was written for me during my puppy love years. You know those things, I’m sure.


It’s funny because I hardly scan my old things for I don’t really have time to look at them one by one. But this time, I managed to examine each one of them, and it made me go back to my old, happy, blithe, worry-free days. How I love to bring back the memories of my good ‘ol days!


While reading those letters, I saw this one little brown envelope I’ve been keeping since forever. It was my very first pay slip. I got it when I was working as a student assistant at a library in our community college. I can still recall, it was from 9:00am-1:00pm, just before my classes starts. And yes, my first salary was a whopping P675.00 and that would be my allowance for I think, two weeks or so.


I remember I was not the type of student who would really care if I have money in my pocket. Money was never my problem because I can go to school without it. I used to bring my own food in school and I don’t really spend if it’s not necessary. I am so kuripot, I admit. It went on until I finished my Bachelor’s and Master’s Icekembular’s Degree.


But now that I have a real job and sure I’m earning way more than P675.00… I am still the same, haha. Kuripot pa rin ako and my friends already have learned to accept that fact. They know I won’t spend my money as much as I can. That’s why when they ask me to go out with them and I say “NO”, they won’t ask me again. They know I’d say the same thing.


I can’t explain exactly why I am like this but it gives me this awesome feeling when I get to save at least – if possible – 50% of what I’m earning. I don’t care if I don’t have the latest of the coolest stuff in the market. Wa aku pake. Maybe it’s psychological. I don’t know.


All I know is that I don’t want to be poor, ever again. :]


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  1. wow! yaman yaman naman! okay lang na kuripot may pera naman hehehehe
    yan din ang ginagawa ko before. ngayon di ko na kaya ang 50% na savings kasi
    nag-aaral ako kaya malaki ang gastos.

    kahit libreng candy di ka magbibigay?

    Comment by Klet Makulet | 2010/10/27 | Reply

    • haha, bibigyan kita ng candy, buena mano sa pagbisita. hahahaha.. pero sa totoo lang, hindi talaga. mahal ang kendi, saka hindi rin ako kumakain ng kendi [at nagdahilan talaga] hahaha. Siguro after mo mag-school, magagawa mo ulit yan, basta ang gastos naman eh para sa needs mo, okay lang yun. :]

      Comment by iprovoked | 2010/10/27 | Reply

  2. nakaka nose bleed naman here, binuklat ko pa tuloy ang aking English-Tagalog dictionary. hihihihi

    Comment by Jepoy | 2010/10/27 | Reply

    • haha, alam mo bang may hawak akong thesaurus at dictionary habang sinusulat ko ito? hehehe. :]

      Comment by iprovoked | 2010/10/27 | Reply

  3. bientot matagal ko nang alam tong blog mo. sinusundan kaya kita sa plurk. hehehe

    Comment by gillboard | 2010/10/27 | Reply

  4. Hey Gilbert, matagal ko nang sinusundan ang blogs mo. Haha. Ngayon lang ulit ako nakapagsulat eh kaya ganun. Nice to [see] read you again, bro. :]

    Comment by iprovoked | 2010/10/27 | Reply

  5. Pambihira. Ingles. Salamat sa pagdaan sa bahay ko. Magkakambal din pala tayo. Quadruplets na tayo. Haha. Paturo naman kung pano manguripot? Kuripot pala ako. Di lang marunong magtipid. Haha.

    Comment by Yow | 2010/10/27 | Reply

  6. Oo nga pansin ko magkakambal nga tayo, hahaha. Ibig lang sabihin nyan gwapo ka rin tulad ko [alam ko hindi ka kokontra]. haha.

    Comment by iprovoked | 2010/10/27 | Reply

  7. Ako rin kuripot, masarap mag-ipon kapag nangunguripot eh. Ilocano ang tatay ko sa kanya ko malamang nakuha.

    Comment by glentot | 2010/10/27 | Reply

    • Bakit nga ba kuripot ang mga ilokano? haha. Nasanay lang kasi ako nang ganun. Di bale nang kuripot hindi naman poor. LOL. Eh sa totoo lang, tama lang kasi yung pera for the need, yun lang yun.

      Comment by iprovoked | 2010/10/27 | Reply

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    Comment by dquhvpknl | 2010/11/02 | Reply

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