one stupidity at a time won't hurt, will it?

Bienthoughts Pleads Not Guilty.


For some reasons, I don’t feel guilty, I mean, at all, with what happened. In the first place, I did not do or say anything wrong to ruin their relationship. It was not me who put everything in jeopardy, it was him, because he lied. Okay, if tagging him in my Facebook status was a mistake, then I’d say it was the most honest mistake I’ve ever done in my life. See, the problem is, you go out with your friends and you leave your partner clueless wherever in hell you’re going, and then you expect him to be “happy” when he finds out you lied and you weren’t really home? And since you can’t find anyone to blame but yourself, you blame other people who just want to tell the world via Facebook, that he was happy hanging out with you that night. It’s your mess, not mine, so you fix it yourself. I’m your friend and you can trust in me, I’ve told you that too many times before, but if you think what I did was wrong, go ahead and be mad at me. But I’m telling you, not a single wink of nerve in my body is guilty.


2011/01/23 - Posted by | Sari-saring Katangahan.

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