one stupidity at a time won't hurt, will it?

A Good Thought That Stinks.

Just so you know, my name was derived from the words “Bien” which means good (in Spanish), and “Thoughts” which means thinking or idea (in English, of course) – that makes it Bienthoughts or Good Thoughts or Good Idea. The name is trying to imitate the word “Bantot” (in Filipino) which means “it stinks”, which kinda makes the best irony I can ever think of – A Good Thought That Stinks! How about that?! LOL.

I told myself I have to be positive in every way, in every sense of life be it the most negative, pessimistic or the most unenthusiastic thing I ever have to encounter. I have to look at the bigger picture and see things in a different perspective and angle. But sometimes, just sometimes, [ok, ok, fine, most of the time], I tend to be on the negative side and forget all these positivity shits.

Kinda stupid, right?

How hard is it to stop for a while, have a deep breath and think before I decide? How hard is that? It’s more than easy, right? But most of the time, I decide in an abrupt manner. I don’t think, I don’t use my head, I mean, at all, and at a snap of a finger, *snap! (with sound effect!) I do it right there and then, which I think, is one of the reasons why people who doesn’t know me personally, would think I am the best asshole in the whole wide universe. My mom said that’s the “most stupidest” thing to do. I agree with her. My dad would just agree with mom. (Question: How many times did I use the word “think” in this paragraph?, LOL)

But my best friend is the best person in the whole world to talk about this stuff. You wanna know why? Because she doesn’t judge. She listens and understands. You know, we just don’t care! It feels so good to be stupid, one mistake at a time. They say smart people got the brain, but stupid people, I’m telling you, got the balls!

And so, I guess what I’m trying to say is that, it’s ok to be stupid. At this point in my life, I think I already have mastered the art of stupidity. It takes courage to be one but I’m not saying I’m matured and credible enough to tell you all these, I’m not saying you be like me, I’m just saying it may be an effective tool to learn things out instead of being a smart (ass) and instead of reading books. Sometimes, it is way, way cooler to learn things the hard way!

Does it make any sense? Naaah-uh?

Hahahaha. Okay, ‘di ko rin naman naiintindihan pinagsasasabi ko dito. Gusto ko lang may bagong ma-post. Sinisipag kasi akong magsulat eh kaya kung ano na lang masabi ko. Bahala ka na umintindi.

Char! 😀


2011/02/07 - Posted by | Sari-saring Katangahan.

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  1. Minsan talaga mali ang impulsive decision-making. Kung saan saan ka madadala at luck talaga ang meron ka… kung magiging tama ba o mali ang naging biglaang desisyon mo. Tama din na masarap kausapin ang bessy about stupidity. Kayo lang magkakaintindihan at you can speak for yourself without getting judged.

    Comment by Yow | 2011/02/08 | Reply

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