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Baler Adventure.

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Tinatamad pa akong magkwento, masyado pa akong bangag dahil halos dalawang linggo din akong nagbakasyon, so sundan nyo na lang muna itong BALER link na ito para makita nyo kung gaano ako nag-enjoy doon. WOO0T! Saka na ang matinong kwento. Sige, tulog muna me.



2011/04/25 - Posted by | Sari-saring Katangahan.


  1. How I wish I were as rich as you to afford this luxury.

    Comment by Midnight Orgasm | 2011/04/25 | Reply

    • you wouldn’t believe I only spent 2K for this “luxury”, not bad for a 5-day stay in Baler, ayt? so for the record, I’m not rich, sir. haha. BTW, I went to your blogsite as a visitor and I left as a fan. You really can write, can’t you? I love it. I’ll add you to my blogroll, sir. Pleasure to see you here on my page. ;D

      Comment by bienthoughts | 2011/04/26 | Reply

      • Wow. Two thousand pesos for that grand an experience is truly a steal! I am glad to know you enjoyed it.

        Thanks a lot for appreciating my blog. It is more than an honor for me to hear that from you. Thank you so much, sir.

        Comment by Midnight Orgasm | 2011/04/26 | Reply

  2. Ang lapit na ng Baler sa Cabanatuan, my hometown. Haha. Kaya lang nasa Manila naman na ako.

    Comment by Yow | 2011/04/26 | Reply

    • Actually dumaan din kami ng Cabanatuan for lunch sa house ng friend namin, haha. Mga 4 hours din sya from Baler, at super summer sa Cabanatuan ah, inet-inet! Hehe.

      Comment by bienthoughts | 2011/04/26 | Reply

  3. ASTIG .
    gaganda ng shots
    nainggit tuloy ako. Gusto ko pumunta sa Baler. Gusto ko magka DSLR 🙂

    Comment by renz | 2011/04/27 | Reply

  4. nice post! planning to go to baler 🙂

    Comment by adventurousfeet | 2011/05/19 | Reply

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