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The Cruel Senator (Jerzon Senador)

The sudden fame of Jerzon Senador, haha. See how influential and powerful this tool can be? (I mean Facebook). A PETTY mistake, a lil bit of sensationalism, a chain reaction from people with the same ideologies and VOILA! You are Famous! Too bad kid, you uploaded the puppy’s photo, you thought it’s gonna be funny but the reaction was otherwise.


But hey, I’m with you, I thought the picture was hilarious, but I wouldn’t do that. 😛


Here’s my take on this “issue”.


I think animal cruelty is bad but I find this photo very hilarious, and so were the people who even created a hate page for the poor kid who did this to the much poorer puppy. I don’t know, maybe I’m not really so much into sensationalism, making a petty mistake real big. Maybe the kid was just playing and it wasn’t really his intention to maltreat the dog. Maybe everyone was just too merciful, pitying the puppy because its face looks so “nakakaawa”.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that, I think what people are doing right now is too much for a simple mistake like this. The kid was overly humiliated posting his pictures all over the net, worldwide telling him what he did was really bad. Yes what he did was bad but come on, he didn’t kill the puppy so please stop pushing him to the bottom. He already said sorry, anyway. Just forgive him.  I think it’s enough that we noticed him and he already acknowledged his mistakes, this is a total humiliation on the kid’s part. I think this should not go this big, he’s just a kid. Continuous humiliation for a petty act is I think worst than animal cruelty.


Alam ko gusto nyo lang maitama ni Jerzon ang pagkakamali nya pero kung puro panghihiya at pagmumura lang ang gagawin nyo sa kanya ay wala itong mabuting maidudulot. Kung si Jerzon ay hindi maka-aso tulad ng ipinaglalaban nyo, I think hindi na makatao ang ginagawa nyong panghihiya at pang-aapi at pangdidikdik pa sa kalagayan niya.


Yun lang naman! 😛



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At The Lung Center. (Part2)

You weren’t comin, were you?

I knew it.

slowly, I puffed my last stick

hoping the moment I finish it

you will be there, looking at me from a distance.

but you weren’t there.


Where were you, my dear?

you know how excited my heart goes

each time I smoke

because I know you will be watching me

and I will be staring at you.

But you weren’t there.


Please, tell me you feel the same

that you long for me

that you wish you knew my name.

You know, whenever our eyes meet

I wanna kiss you, in the eyes.


What’s your name, by the way?



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