one stupidity at a time won't hurt, will it?

Ang Alamat Ng E-Cigarette.

This is the journey I have been praying to The Greater Power up there: to be able to find my true love. And so it came, my true love. For once, I became conscious that somebody up there is watching over me.

In silence, I often pray and ask, “Hey! You up there, I know there’s nothing impossible if You just SAY the word. Can You, just for a couple of minutes, please say that my love and I will last forever until we grow old and our hair turns gray, and no matter how disappointing, annoying and cruel this life may be, we will still end up together?”

But I hear no response from The Greater Power up there, only silence.

So I realized nobody’s really listening to me.

I started praying a little bit louder and ask The Greater Power up there again to bless me and my love the power to overcome every trial, to be able to make ourselves invincible to every pain and temptations that has to come along the way. I also prayed to The Greater Power up there to give us the courage to fight and hold on when everything seems to be hopeless, to be able to make time for each other despite the busy schedules we have as we go through life’s everyday ordeal.

Still, I hear no voice, only white noises.

I started loosing my grip that The Greater Power up there really exist, that it’s all just my imagination. I started believing that The Greater power up there is just a mere product our mind’s eye and nobody’s really paying attention. And so, for the last time, I tried praying to The Greater Power up there, this time, with utmost intensity and sincerity.

I prayed: “Thy will be done.”

Nothing else.

The next day, somebody gave me a gift, an e-cigarette.

I was surprised.

Nobody in my entire life have ever given me a gift, not for the purpose of saying that I should live longer so I can be with my love. My love wanted me to be healthy so I can live a little bit longer, maybe so I can be with my love until we grow old, until our hair turns gray, maybe so we can end up together until the end. Maybe… who knows?

If I can be honest, I’d tell you that never a day since we met that I did not worry about what the future holds for the two of us. I’m just keeping it to myself. Maybe I’m trying to avoid the pain that tomorrow may bring shall this journey fails.

But if truth be told, my faith never cease to comfort me that everything will be alright. That I do not have anything to worry about. With every kiss and hug that I get from my love, I couldn’t help but rejoice. Forgive me for this is all new to me. I guess this is the battle I am yet to conquer as we move on to our promises of forever.

So at this point, I should end this here. I surrender everything to The Greater Power up there and live on. I’m here to stay anyway. For the nth time, I’d say this: I am in love, I feel loved and that’s all that matters to me now.

So I’ll end it here.


wait, I’mma puff my e-cigarette first.

(*puff, puff, puff!)




2011/09/05 - Posted by | Sari-saring Katangahan.

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