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An Open Letter.

Dear Bienthoughts,


I’d be honest to you my friend. I know how in love you’ve been this past few months and I know how you wish you could just live with that emotions for all eternity. I can see how happy you are. I’ve never seen you that happy before. Let me guess – every day of your life you’re thinking about how to make your special someone happy and how eager you are to be with that special someone every single minute of every single day of your every single breath. I can only imagine how that makes you feel real good right through your very soul. That sounds really awesome to me. It’s amazing! I mean, choosing to be happy is not bad at all. If your happiness is essential to your special someone’s happiness, that’s the choice you have to make and I am so proud of you my dear friend. It’s not everyday that someone can find their happiness the way you did. Happiness is not easy to find these days and I’m so glad you somehow managed to find yours. I bet it’s not easy. It never was. But one thing that I truly admire most about you is your sense of commitment. I know you’re not perfect. Nobody is perfect. You tend to make mistakes from time to time, we all do, actually, but being committed is another story not everyone can comply with. I’ve known you all your life and if I were to look back few years from now, I can really tell the difference and I’m sure you won’t deny the fact how you’ve changed a lot – from your attitude – to your visions – to your goals and standards – I’m sure even you cannot recognize yourself anymore and I’m telling you, it’s a good thing.

My friend, I was in doubt if I’m gonna tell you this or not but since you’re completely crazy over your special someone and there’s nothing that I can say to change that, let me tell you this and I hope this would add to your happiness. You cannot change the world. You may love a person more than yourself but there never is an assurance that that person is willing to stay with you the way you want them. I mean yes, they can promise you forever but you only have today and tomorrow is never a guarantee. So live your life like it’s gonna be the end of everything. Cliche as it may sound but it’s true. I’ve been there, done that. Pretty ironic right? Telling you things you told me before? How cool is that? Love unconditionally. They say you have to leave something for yourself but there is no truth on that statement. Loving yourself is essential before you can truly love someone and you have to give your everything to the person you love even if it means you’ll be left empty handed – because if the love is true, you don’t even have to worry about being alone. It would stick with you wherever you go therefore you won’t be drained. I can see how you’re working on that aspect and trust me it takes time to learn the art and once you did, it’s a bliss.You just have to trust the relationship enough.

There had been some struggles. They maybe shallow, superficial, deep or profound, but whenever I see you look at yourself in the mirror, I can tell how willing you are to just take them all in. It’s like there’s something powerful in your soul that keeps you standing despite all these trials – and it makes me smile too to see how strong and brave you are as a person. You’re not afraid to fall – or to die. You believe that death is inevitable. We all live everyday with the possibility of dying and it’s remarkable that you take them like a child – innocently. I believe that’s how it should be. I just wish everybody can realize that.

I’m not saying all these to tell the world how perfect your life is or how holy you are because everyone who knows you well enough can tell that you’re not that kind of person. You too are sinful in every aspect like we all are. I’m telling you this because I am you. This is how I see you. You may not believe in everything that I just said but I am your friend and I wish nothing but the best for you.

So just live, just love.





2011/11/21 - Posted by | Sari-saring Katangahan.

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