one stupidity at a time won't hurt, will it?

The Saddest Orgasm.


My soul is wandering
I should be somewhere in the dreamland by this time
but I am here where reality is not really the best place to be.

Yes, I’ve kissed several lips
wonderful, remarkable kisses
that was easy. you know?
That is the reality, we kiss and as soon as we part, it’s over. We’re over.
and I wander again in the vast field of nothingness, like the normal me.

I see you everyday. Everyday when I wake up. When I go to work. Whenever I ride the bus. Whenever I miss my bus. I see you and you never fail to remind me how the reality that my soul want to pursue is impossible because you aren’t real. You are my fantasy.

We kiss in my head. I see you smile when I close my eyes. I moan the saddest orgasm whenever I look into your eyes, whenever you look past me and see nothing but my nothingness. I am nothing to you. In your reality, I am invisible.

That must be painful, you bet. Unfortunately, you’re wrong. It’s not painful at all.

It’s exhausting.


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